We’re Better Together


Our Story

Several years ago we were young, driven, and trying to juggle demanding jobs with personal lives. It became increasingly difficult to prioritise our health, and we both burnt out.

During our recovery we learned that living well requires a strong and supportive community, built on trust and authenticity – and the time for self-care. This is what we set out to create with Balance Out Living, enabling people to be their authentic selves, whilst making as big an impact on the world as possible.

Our Offer

New City Living

At Balance Out Living we see a future where wellness and community are woven into the fabric of modern city life, ending loneliness, burnout and helping solve the inner city housing crisis.

We are working towards this vision by creating pioneering new homes characterised by community, collaboration, wellbeing and balance.

We locate you right where the action is for a lot less than the cost of conventional private renting. Stylish and spacious studio apartments are your place to chill, while vibrant shared spaces, amenities and lifestyle services help you to thrive. And with 12-month leases, there’s time for connections to deepen and community to flourish.

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